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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details


  • Jack Hollingsworth
    Jack Hollingsworth Photography

    "Over my 30 year career of commercial globetrotting, I've have bought and used just about every shiny object known to man. Now I'm at a stage in my career where I no longer want to buy the latest gadget. Instead I prefer to rent.

    When I do rent, I rent from Borrowlenses. Not only do these guys have an unbelievable inventory, their customer service is tops! Best news of all is that these folks are photographers and totally get what I'm about and need.

    What's not to like about renting? Borrowlenses--best in the business. Period!"

  • Scott Bourne
    Bourne Media Group

    "BorrowLenses.com is an important part of my photography business. I never have to worry about getting bulky gear to the location because they simply ship it there for me. I also never have to buy a special lens or body for a one-time job since they can rent it to me and I can pass the costs on to the client. They're a great service that every photographer from pros to amateurs should know about and use."

  • Celeste Olds

    "BorrowLenses has been a fantastic resource for our studio. They are staffed with knowledgeable and friendly people, and have been an incredibly speedy and reliable source to get cameras, lenses, audio gear and beyond. I couldn't recommend them higher!"

  • Rick Sammon
    Rick Sammons Photography

    "There's an old photo adage: Cameras don't take pictures, people do. Well, that may be true, but it's the lens that plays a great role in photography.

    On my workshops, I stress the importance of having the right lens for the right job. That's why I recommend to my students that if they don't have the right lens, they should rent one from BorrowLenses.com. I've done this myself. The lenses come quickly and are packed expertly. More important, they are tested before they are shipped.

Rave Reviews

What Professionals are saying:

BorrowLenses.com has been in indispensable resource for furthering my professional video career as well as satisfying my curiosity about the latest and greatest technology. I've been able to rent lenses, video cameras, audio equipment---you name it---that are otherwise cost prohibitive, test them in the field, and then make informed decisions when I'm finally ready to purchase for myself. With BorrowLenses.com you get an amazing selection of gear and unrivaled customer support. I proudly recommend them whenever someone asks "How much did you pay for that lens?"

Andrew Gormley, Entrepreneur

I rely on borrowlenses.com for both my own needs as well as my safari travelers' needs. When we need big lenses, cameras or anything else photographic, we turn to BorrowLenses.com to help out. They are the best resource in the industry for traveling photographers.

Andy Biggs, Andy Biggs Photography & Safaris

Just wanted to thank you for doing such a good job cleaning the sensor on our D700. Our images haven't been this clean since the camera was new!

Dan Clark, Weinberg-Clark Photography

I use (and will continue to use) BorrowLenses for all my urgent wedding photography needs. The lenses are always in great condition and arrive promptly when I need them, which is usually last minute!

Rebekah Albaugh, Studio Rebekah Photography

Over the years I have come to trust BorrowLenses. They always have what I need in stock, nothing has ever arrived late, the quality of the gear is top notch and the customer service is phenomenal. I now refer my night photography workshop participants to BorrowLenses when they need expensive cameras and lenses required for this specialty, I have confidence that my participants won't be let down.

David Kingham, David Kingham Photogrpahy

Building a successful photography business from the ground up in less than a year wasn't easy, but it would have been a lot harder if not for the help of Borrowlenses.com. Rather than taking huge loans to purchase new gear, I was able to rent the best gear for each job from Borrowlenses. Knowing that I would have the best gear allowed me show up to each shoot with confidence and provide the customer with the highest quality results possible from the very beginning. Thank you Borrowlenses!

Jay Cassario, Cass Imaging

"BorrowLenses is an invaluable company to me in many ways. Even before I was shooting heavy projects, It gave me an opportunity to rent lenses that I couldn't find locally in Los Angeles, and the ease of rental is amazing- right to your door! Having professional lenses at my disposal from being dropped off to picking up locally in LA is a HUGE advantage for someone who doesn't want to deal with rental houses and strictly place their order online. This also helps me get rental budgets approved quicker by presenting a BorrowLenses shopping cart when needing to rent for a project versus waiting HOURS for a quote from a normal rental house. The Staff at BorrowLenses is AMAZING. From my first encounter with them in 2010 al the way till now , as they have supported an incredible project of mine, everyone I have ever dealt with is top notch, and thats exactly why I consider BorrowLenses to be the only choice for me when considering lens rentals and anything else for that matter. The service and company is helpful and fast all around, which puts it high up on the charts for me, and the gear arrives clean and ready to go!

In addition, I want to also praise the marketing team, as they have been super helpful on my last rental by supporting my company and I look forward to working with them again!

To sum it up, BorrowLenses = NUMBER 1 "

Chad Bonanno, Tempest Freerunning

What our Customers are saying:

This was a last-minute order right before Christmas; and to complicate the rental, I was requesting that it be delivered to my parents' house in another state. The staff at BorrowLenses.com were diligent with their fraud prevention process, AND they took the time to talk with me one-on-one to understand my situation and make it happen. Happy customer=repeat customer!

Gypzy6, ResellerRatings

I've rented equipment from BorrowLenses three times this year to cover weddings and I'm very satisfied with their service. They're always in stock with the equipment I need, and most recently, they've been very flexible with my orders. Given our business demands and the cost of equipment, BorrowLenses has proven to be cost effective for us. I'll be using BorrowLenses for all of my extra equipment needs in the future. The customer service has also been great. The gentleman that helped me was very knowledgeable about lenses and prevented me from getting a lens that did not give me a full frame. Thanks to him we got the shots we wanted.

Johnmxg12, ResellerRatings

Want to rent photography equipment? This is the place. Their prices are significantly lower than a local competitor, and BorrowLenses has better Yelp reviews. The ordering process was simple as ordering from any ordinary online store. The only additional process when ordering a few thousand dollars worth of equipment for the first time is that they need images of the credit card you used and a driver's license. I only paid about $300 to rent about $4,700 of equipment for a week. If you have a photography insurance policy, that is a plus, but not required.

For delivery, they require a signature on delivery.

The camera body and two lenses I rented arrived on the day as scheduled. The box was a little beat up since I am guessing the box was reused a few times. All the gear arrived in working order and in excellent condition. I returned the equipment in the same condition. I boxed them in the same box it arrived, and dropped off at one of their pickup locations. Do not forget to get a drop-off receipt for proof that you returned the items on time.

A few days later, BorrowLenses notified and thanked me via email about returning their items in excellent condition. Great business! No hassle. I will be renting from BorrowLenses in the near future.

Ron A, Yelp

I've used BorrowLenses.com about 5 or 6 times now. The service is always top notch and personable. I've always gotten exactly what I ordered exactly when I was expecting it. Their prices are competitive and their variety of equipment - including the latest gear and gadgets - is awesome! I've opened up my work so many other projects knowing I have access to such a wide range of tools from BorrowLenses.com.

Mattjon76, ResellerRatings

Absolutely the best camera and lens rental outfit in the country. Any and all types of equipment can be close to your access, whether you need it for work or for personal recreational use, they will most likely have what you need. BorrowLenses also has convenient pickup locations around the Bay Area with several locations in San Francisco. I use BorrowLenses all the time and the service has always been spot on.

Also, in my mind there are competitors such as LensRentals or LensProToGo, but they are both on the East Coast and shipment of equipment will cost more if you are not in the Bay Area. The prices are also competitive with LensRentals, maybe slightly more. Hardly enough to sway you away.

Michael C, Yelp

I am very happy with the level of service and quality of product that I was able to rent. The price was reasonable also. The lens came on the day expected even before I expected them. I even didn't have my shipping boxes with me or my labels on my trip and they just emailed me a new label to print so that I wouldn't have to extend my rental! I'm will be using this service again and telling all my photography pals about it.

Bgraeme77, ResellerRatings

Great service. Great product. I had to cancel a rental at the last minute because of a major snow storm in Boston two weeks ago, and they cencelled without penalty. I rented the same lens the next weekend and delivery and return were easy and fast.

I wanted to try an expensive lens for a weekend so that I could test the weight for a full day of shooting. I know that Camera shops say you can return a lens if you decide you don't like it, but I hate that pressure--you know how they will respond if you take the lens back. Renting from BorrowLenses you can test a lens well before making a decision to buy. Also, if you need a specialty lens that you don't need regularly, like a fisheye, just rent it for a trip, like I did when I traveled to Machu Picchu.

I think renting lenses is a great idea and will rent from BorrowLenses without hesitation in the future.

Patricia P, Yelp

AMAZING!! That's all I have to say about Borrowlenses.com. This is my third time renting professional DSLR equipment from them and they're always on time, their gear is always top notch and in excellent condition and their shipping methods are superb! Their prices are amazingly affordable and so is their option to insure their gear. I have never experienced a more satisfying exchange of goods and services with a company in my life. These guys are the real deal and I highly recommend them to everyone!!

Jessito, ResellerRatings

BorrowLenses has become an essential resource for my photography business over the last couple of years. Faced with Canon delays shipping the 1DX last summer and needing a full frame pro body I took the unusual step of shooting both Nikon and Canon systems during a month-long assignment in France. BorrowLenses supplied a Nikon D4 and the terrific 14-24 that solved my fast AF wide angle problem.

Last week, faced with a low-light corporate event challenge, a BorrowLenses' 1Dx allowed me to shoot clean files at 6400, something my 1D4s can't do. At some point I'm almost certain to purchase the new body, but in the meantime I can always count on BL to have the camera in stock and in perfect condition.

While returning the 1Dx I had a chance to play with Canon's new 400 2.8 II. Great to see this amazing lens in stock. Again BL always has the latest gear and the equipment you may only need once or twice a year.

Highly recommended to all photographers.

Michael R, Yelp

Wow, so many great things to say about this place!

First off, the pricing is pretty sweet. I was able to rent a Canon Rebel T3i, 24-105 Lens, and Manfrotto monopod for about $115 for 3 days.

Secondly, the folks at BorrowLenses are super accommodating! I had a problem with my credit card the day before pick up so all I had to do was call and let them know so they wouldn't lose my reservation. Transaction went smooth like butter.

They were even nice enough to tell me prices for SD cards so that I'd be making a better investment in buying one than renting one from them. Super helpful!

Staff is friendly, pickup and returns went smooth, and the prices are pretty good. No complaints here. Definitely looking forward to using their services again soon!

Richard L, Yelp

We were in the middle of a hurricane when my rental needed to be returned and I called them to let them know. They extended the rental by 2 days without any problem so I could get to the store by then. What great customer service. I will definitely use them for all my rentals in the future.

Michbaker, ResellerRatings

Quick and easy pickup and drop-off. I rented a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 for my 8 days in New Zealand, and this was the perfect option.

Chris J, Yelp

My first experience with BorrowLenses.com couldn't have been better! Great lenses, excellent service. Everything went so smooth and easy! Prices are a little high, but overall I'm very happy, and I'll rent again from them.

RoyalPhoto, ResellerRatings

I had a very good experience with BorrowLenses. I placed my order for a lens late night on a Monday, picked it up the next Wednesday at 11am, and returned it the following week. The lens was in great condition and the pick up process was easy and fast. Price was also great – makes me rethink the idea of buying any expensive lenses at all.

Careca, ResellerRatings

This is the best Camera Rental house I have ever dealt with. Super quick shipping. Knowledgeable staff and LOTS of amazing gear! The VERY best part....NO CRAZY DEPOSITS!! If I had the $$ for that big of a deposit I would buy the gear!

BorrowLenses knows how to treat their customers and know what gear needs to be available. Many places in SF and around only have the super high end stuff, or bits and pieces of gear. Not here! BorrowLenses has never not had something I needed/wanted to rent. Its the perfect way to get the gear you need.

I do wish they had more pick up locations in the north bay but thats really not their fault.

BorrowLenses has a fan for life!

Christopher C, Yelp

My first time renting equipment was a breeze thanks to BorrowLenses.com! The Sony lens and camera body were in pristine condition and well-packed. Returning the items was just as easy as the order process, too! All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend renting equipment from BL!

Wayfaringwander, ResellerRatings

Absolutely STELLAR service/product.

Rented the Canon 24-105mm pro lens. Amazing lens!

My lens arrived, when promised, with everything promised (hood, caps, filter). The lens performed great. The price was stupid cheap as compared to Tempe Camera (which is local for me). For a similar lens, Tempe Camera wanted a $1600 deposit from me for a lens that was 1/2 that cost (if needed to be replaced). http://BorrowLenses.com is now my go to whenever I need to rent any camera equipment.

Gotta say - now I'm addicted...searching for more lenses to rent so I can play with them - especially for my friend's wedding in September - that'll be a sizable order!

Beau F, Yelp

Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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