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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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  • Rent Sony Cameras, Sony Lenses, & Sony Accessories

    Sony has been our fastest growing category in recent years. So when you rent from BorrowLenses, you get to pick from an impressive variety of Sony cameras and lenses. Photographers, vloggers, filmmakers, and multimedia artists, from beginner to advanced, enjoy the convenience and selection of our cameras, lenses, lighting, and production equipment with low (or no) deposits for most rentals. The best part is you have access to the newest technology when you need it and not just when you've saved enough to buy it.

    BL carries Sony G and G Master lenses, which are compatible with Sony's ultra popular a7 series cameras as well as their smaller a6000 line. We also offer E mount options from Sigma and Zeiss.

    The Benefits of Renting Canon Gear from BL

    There are rentals for a lot of things, from power tools to purses, but you might not realize just how useful renting photo and video equipment is. For one, buying the gear you want for each of the types of gigs you do can get very expensive – prohibitively so for the hobbyist. But that doesn't mean you should go without trying the latest tech! Here are just a few of the benefits of renting:

  • • Convenience when traveling. Leave your personal gear at home and eliminate the risk of it getting broken or stolen.
  • • Special occasions. Photographing air shows once a year is the perfect use case for renting vs shelling out upwards of 10K on a super telephoto lens!
  • • Gain experience. Don't learn on the job – study a piece of gear ahead of time! Rent a camera or lighting kit and get hands-on with it before jumping into a major event – assistants, take note!
  • • Low-cost testing. Not sure if you want to upgrade or if some certain new shiny system will work with your current accessories? Instead of using credit to purchase something expensive and relying too much on a decent returns policy, why not just borrow the item for as little as dollars a day?

    What You Can Expect When Renting Sony Equipment

    Sony really set the scene for the modern mirrorless movement. The a7 line of cameras proved to the world that full frame mirrorless systems are a formidable competitor to traditional DSLRs. There are 3 main lines in Sony's full frame mirrorless collection: the a7S, a7S II, and a7S III provide exceptional low light capabilities and video options while the a7R, a7R II, a7R III, and a7R IV provide massive resolution suitable for commercial assignments and large scale fine art. The a7, a7 II, and a7 III offer a combination of features without excelling too hard in any one area, making them great multimedia tools suitable for a variety of subjects. Sony's flagship a9 and a9 II offers ultra fast FPS shooting speeds and are the ideal choice for safaris, wildlife photography, birding, and sports.

    The a6000 line is Sony's E mount, mirrorless, APS-C sensor series of cameras that are geared more for casual and budget shooting but they still provide some incredible options. Most models record 4K footage, have reasonably fast shooting speeds, and are incredibly well suited for travel. Want to go even more portable? Sony's celebrated RX100 line of point and shoot cameras gives you the portability akin to a smartphone but with a lot of the manual features you'd expect from any higher-end camera.

    And speaking of high end, Sony also produces outstanding camcorders and professional cinema systems – most using the same E mount as their smaller cameras, making lens sharing a breeze. If you ever have any trouble figuring out which Sony camera is right for you, our crew at BL are all shooters themselves and are happy to walk you through every step of the way! Contact BL for assistance on your gear order.

    With so many Sony lenses and cameras to choose from, it might help you to start out exploring these customer favorites:

  • Sony a6600: With unlimited 4K recording, 11 frames per second shooting speeds, Eye AF for video, and 5-axis image stabilization – all inside a really small form factor – the a6600 is the ideal on-the-go tool for covering events, your vacations, for vlogging, or simply documenting the everyday.

  • Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS: This is one of Sony's most popular telephoto lenses. It has a great focal range for shooting sports and nature. The 400mm end is great for getting extremely close to your subject from a safe distance, bringing the action – whatever it may be – to you. It is equipped with a zoom torque adjustment ring for added control over zoom functionality and also has image stabilization and a moisture-sealed design. This is a great lens for sports, wildlife, safari, and even portraits.

  • Sony a7S III: Sony fans waited an age for this release and it did not disappoint. You get a massive 40-409,600 ISO range, 4K 60p 16-bit raw out over full-size HDMI, and in-body image stabilization with an added Active Mode for steady handheld recording. This is a great video option for beginners and advanced shooters alike.

  • Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 GM STF OSS: What makes this macro lens unique is that it offers Smooth Trans Focus (STF) that uses an apodization filter (like a radial neutral density filter) to produce smoother bokeh to contrast nicely with the sharpness this lens can produce. For this reason, it is an ideal portrait lens, especially for those who like to shoot wide open.

  • Sony a1: Positioned as "the one camera to do it all", the a1 is challenging the a9 for flagship status and for good reason. It has a 50.1MP sensor with separate pixel and circuit layers and integral memory – the most advanced sensor Sony has produced to-date, a blazing-fast processor with 30 FPS shooting speeds, 8K30p recording, image stabilization, unique compositing capabilities, and the list goes on.

    Trying Out Sony Camera Gear is Easy

    For a fraction of the retail cost, you can experiment with all kinds of lenses, as well as lighting and audio equipment. Browse our selection, choose your need-by dates in our date picker, select your shipping (all shipments have return labels), and let our professionals handle the rest. Some handy things to know:

  • • It's always a good idea to receive your gear well ahead of when your gig begins so that you can get comfortable with your equipment or avoid any weather-related delays with carriers.
  • • Your return day is your postmark date – no worrying about calculating transit times when sending stuff back!
  • • Take advantage of our UPS shipping locations if you cannot receive your order at home or on set.
  • • Rent for a minimum of 3 days – enough to cover a fun weekend event – all the way up to 90 days.

    How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Sony Camera?

    Sony lenses rent for as little as $17 a week for small street photography style primes, all the way up to up to $520 a week for professional telephoto lenses that retail around $12,000! This is why renting is such a great option for seasonal or event shooters who don't have the budget (or need) to own such specialty lenses. For cameras, you can take home mirrorless systems, camcorders, and professional cinema setups at prices suitable for both budget-minded beginners and high-end corporate clients alike, depending on the exact make and model you need and for how long. For example, do you need something for an event that will shoot 4K, capture slow motion footage, and zoom in close but you don't want to own a camcorder? You can get the Sony PXW-Z90V for as little as $110 for a long weekend gathering or school game!

    BL gear experts are here to help. With locations on both the east and west coasts, you will love the quick shipping and expert service.

  • Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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