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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Photo Dollies & Sliders
Photo Dollies & Sliders
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    Rent Camera Sliders

    Sliders have been such essential tools to create beautiful moves from side to side or in and out without needing a huge track and a heavy dolly for a fraction of the cost. You can easily recreate very similar moves as dollies and come in various sizes for any production need.

    A drawback from most sliders is that they are only 2-4’ long which can be difficult to use on long shots. Works great for short clips though. A premium feature found on many cameras sliders is an integrated motor. Motorized sliders guarantee precision and smoothness when sliding your camera. 

    If there’s a camera slider you have your sights on purchasing, with BorrowLenses you can try out all kinds of sliders, before you buy, ensuring you’re thrilled with the gear you add to your kit. In additional to sliders, BorrowLenses also provides camera rentals, lens rentals, and support gear. 

    Renting Dollies and Sliders for Photography

    Though most often used for videography, some sliders are essential for unique time lapse - as well as motion lapse - photography projects. Create dynamic 2 and 3-axis movements, whether it's for stars, people, or clouds – you can get stunning motion and time-lapse footage immediately.

    Rent the Slider That’s Right for You

    Syrp and Rhino are the big names in the industry. BorrowLenses carries plenty of these popular sliders. Our sliders rental options include:

    - Rhino EVO Pro Slider Bundle 42-Inch The Rhino EVO Pro Slider Bundle 42" is a stainless steel rails and motorized pan head kit that includes shutter release cables for Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony. With the motion controller, you can quickly program a move with in and out points, time of travel, ramping, and looping. This bundle is ideal for time-lapse shooters, interviews, narrative films, and documentary crews.

    - Syrp Magic Carpet PRO 3’ Slider Kit The Syrp Magic Carpet PRO 3' Slider Kit is a professional, portable slider system for smooth tracking shots. A weighted flywheel and breaking carriage allows complete control over your sliding motion.With a payload of up to 70 lbs, this slider can handle a wide variety of cinema cameras and camcorders. The Syrp Magic Carpet PRO 3' Slider Kit is ideal for both narrative and documentary filmmaking, as well as for time lapse photography.

    - Syrp Genie II Motion Control Time Lapse Kit The Syrp Genie II Motion Control Time Lapse Kit is the ultimate creative movement tool that consists of a Genie II motorized pan/tilt head and a Genie II Linear slider attachment with a 10' Genie rope. Together, you can slide, pan, and tilt for unique tracking shots or time-lapses. The pan/tilt head as built-in software for basic shots. For more complex moves, connect and control everything via the Syrp app.

    Can I Rent a Camera Slider? 

    Absolutely! You can rent a Kessler 3’ Cineslider for as little as $8 a day, for 3-90 days. Most camera sliders are very easy to assemble and operate. The main purpose of a slider is to create some movement to your shot instead of leaving it still. Having your shot still can make your shot boring and stale. Adding motion to your shots can elevate your production value.

    Get the Most from Your Slider Rental with All The Right Gear for the Job

    Once you’ve chosen the Slider that fits your precise purpose, check out our selection camera accessories such as attachments, extra batteries, and kits to help you have the perfect shoot without breaking the bank.

    Equipment Rental Advantages

    If you need to use something one time, you can keep money in your wallet by renting the item at an affordable rate rather that purchasing it at full price. In fact, in some cases, you may be able to rent the same item numerous times without even spending the amount of the purchase price. Renting allows you to see if you like a product before you buy it. It is much easier to spend a smaller amount on a rental, only to realize you don't like the item, than to buy it at a higher price and realize the same.

    What are Sliders and Dollies Used For?

    Having a slider or dolly will add so much production value and emotion to your films. Sliders and dollies create motion from side to side and back forth to add emotion to your footage. When a character is talking about something serious on camera, add a sliding move going forward to really feel what the character is going through. When establishing a scene, add a motion from left to right to introduce the scene.

    Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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