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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details

Lens adapters free you from the confines of working with only one brand. Mounted between your camera and lens, adapters allow you to pair the lens of one mount to a camera of another mount. Not all adapters are for mount conversions, however. There are angle-of-view adapters, macro tubes, adapters to turn your lens/camera combo into a film digitizer, and T-mount adapters for connecting cameras to telescopes.

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  • Rent a Lens Adapter to Use Any Lens with Your Camera

    Lens adapters free you from the equipment limitations of a brand’s proprietary design. Have a Sony video camera and want to use your Canon lens on it? No problem with a lens adapter!

    These small accessories attach quickly and easily between a lens and your camera, giving you big flexibility in what equipment you can use and where you can use it. Lens adapters also save you money. Instead of getting a host of unique lenses for each camera, you can get the camera you want and use the lenses you already have. A lens adapter rental from BorrowLenses saves even more money as you don’t have to invest a lot in a piece of equipment you might only occasionally need.

    Lens Adapters Give You More Flexibility When Filming or Photographing

    Before you run out and buy or rent a new lens to outfit your camera for a project, it may be worth checking whether a lens you already have would do the job. If you’re renting a camera and already have a lens that delivers the image quality you want, rent an adapter instead. With lens adapters, you have lots of options. Here are some of our most popular adapters:

    - Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Canon EOS R Camera Control Ring Adapter: Already invested in Canon EF mount lenses but want to try the new line of full frame Canon mirrorless cameras? You’re in luck. Not only is there an adapter for it, but there are specialized adapters that mount between EF lenses and RF cameras that have not only a control ring, like the one above, but ND and polarizing filters as well!

    - Nikon FTZ Mount Adapter: Pair nearly any Nikon F mount lens to the new Z mount mirrorless cameras from Nikon with this adapter. It maintains direct mechanical and electrical coupling between your lens and the camera.

    Canon EF Lens to Sony E Mount Camera Metabones T Cine Speed Booster ULTRA: This cinema-styled electronic adapter will allow you to pair Canon EF mount lenses with Sony E mount cameras while also increasing the effective field of view and maximum aperture. This triple threat of an adapter is ideal for using full frame EF mount lenses on a Sony camera with a crop sensor (or while using crop mode on the Sony a7 line of full frame cameras). This has the effect of making the field of view of the lens wider or, in other terms, reducing the crop factor of the camera from 1.5x to 1.07x – nearly full frame! Additionally, by concentrating the image circle from a lens, this Speed Booster also "brightens" the image – maximum lens apertures are increased by approximately 1 stop down to the sub-f/1.0 range. Finally use your full frame Canon lens collection on Sony E mount cameras that have either APS-C sensors, Super 35 sensors, or ASP-C/Super 35 modes without sacrificing angle of view!

    - Letus35 AnamorphX Adapter with Built-In Matte Box & Lens Support: This lens adapter and matte box combo gives you a 1.33x anamorphic squeeze to lenses with 114mm front diameter (common for cinema prime lenses). It features its own critical focusing mechanism/focus ring with a standard 0.8 mod pitch focus gear that works in tandem with your lens’ focus ring for fine-tuned rack focusing. This adapter/matte box system is compatible with most sensor sizes, many lenses, and all resolutions and is ideal for creative filmmakers.

    - Wooden Camera PL Lens to Sony E Mount Camera Adapter: Using a cinema standard PL mount lens but want to take advantage of the low-light prowess of Sony mirrorless E mount cameras? Now you can! This adapter is ideal for Sony E mount camera shooters who want to use cine-style PL mount lenses. It includes a set of color-coded, stackable shims for adjusting your flange focal distance.

    What to Know About Lens Adapters

    It’s important to review all the details when you’re looking at a lens adapter. Different lens adapters work in different ways, sometimes expanding functionality in some areas while reducing it in others. If you have any questions about lens adapters for your camera, just reach out to a BorrowLenses representative – we’re happy to help!

    Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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